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Have you ever searched for some cheap good hair extensions? Yea, I'm sure you have. I'm also sure you found a lot of hair companies and you tried and it probably was trash (lol). Not trying to be mean or funny but "good hair ain't cheap and cheap hair ain't good" 🤷🏾‍♀️. You probably heard this before and its very true.

Now good quality lace front wigs will run you anywhere from $300-$1,000. A good quality lace front wig can run you anywhere from $250-$700. Like I said earlier good hair ain't cheap. This makes it hard for regular people like us to stock up our wig collection.

A lot of our wig fam were messaging us how they want to get our wigs but at the very moment they couldn't afford it. Now we love all of you. We also understand how our wigs are a big investment. They pay themselves off after awhile but honestly ain't nobody trying to hear all that. So, I decided to offer payment options to make it easier to get one of our bomb wigs.

We offer two types of payment options:

(i). Laybuy: This gives you four months to pay off your wig. You'll need to have a 25% to put down. Once your payment is complete your wig gets shipped. Then you'll pay the remainder within 3 months. With this option everyone is approved. This option allows you the option for a refund with a 4% restocking fee.

(ii). Sezzle: This option requires approval to be financed. With this option if you are able to make the first payment your wig will be delivered to you immediately. You will have to pay them back in 6wks. With this option refunds are not available. If your late you will be charged a extra $10.00. Now if you don't pay these people their money they will take your name to the credit bureau.

Even though I would love to see you in one of my wigs, it's not worth ruining your credit over. I say this to say if you can't afford to pay them back, don't get it. I have sales on the regular just wait for the next one or try the laybuy option, four months is not that long for real.

Okay, I think your ready now to go get your wig. All you need to do is pick your desired wig or wigs, add your wig to cart, choose other payment option, pick the one you can afford to pay, fill out the required info, then boom depending on your option your wig is on the way. What are you waiting for? Go get your wig, GURL!!!         

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