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Most insurance companies have already started covering wigs. With a lot of other companies following in their footsteps. Most of the time you will have to buy the wig first and the insurance company reimburses you. The max most companies will cover is $350 but some can even cover up to $2000depending on company, they cover enough for you to get a quality wig. Unfortunately insurance only cover wigs for cancer patients only. This means if you suffer from things like alopecia or other illness its hard to find coverage and this is because the FDA hasn't approved any of their treatments. Now if you want to know my opinion it doesn't hurt to try and I'm gonna give you the steps you need.

Contact Insurance Company

First you need to contact your insurance company. Have your pen and paper ready to take notes. Ask them if they cover cranial prosthesis, ask what they coverup too, ask if they have any particular requirements and ask what CPT they use for cranial prosthesis. This is one of the most important steps, you gotta insure your getting your money back. Get Pre-approval 

Visit a Doctor

Once your pre-approved for your wig your next step would be to make a doctor visit. You will need to visit a oncologist. They would have to diagnose that your suffering from hair loss as a result of a medical condition or treatments.


You will need to get a prescription using medical terms like cranial prosthesis, extra cranial prosthesis, hair prothesis. These terms are vital because they fall under the "durable medical equipment" category which you need vs it saying wig which the insurance company thinks is cosmetic. Insurance companies won't cover wigs.

Purchase Your Wig

Now that your pre-approved, you've gotten your prescription you can now purchase your wig. You must be aware of your budget, the insurance company only reimburse you so much.

With our wide selection of virgin hair wigs, braided wigs, faux loc wigs and custom units you are bound to find the wig of your desire in your price range. Currently Wigs by Loli is not a listed provider so we can not bill customers insurance companies directly. We can put your insurance cranial prosthesis code on the sales receipt so you can qualify for reimbursement.

How the Insurance Company Pays

By now you probably have come to the realization that you'll have to pay first for the wig. After you paid for your wig you'll submit your prescription, the receipt with the coding and any other information your insurance company asks for. Now if you get denied you can appeal and send the insurance company the documents I just listed and also pictures of your hair loss and even a letter of how your affected.

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