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Are The Braided Wigs Heavy?

How Long Will My Wig Last?

How do I Measure My Head for A Custom Unit?

How Are The Wigs Made?

What is Considered a Custom Order?

How Do I Place a Custom Order?

How Much Hair Do I Need To Send In For My Wig to Be Made?

How Are The Wigs Sized?

What are the different lace options to choose from?

Can I Color My Wig?

What does it mean to tint to the lace?



Maintenance Instructions For Lace Wigs?

Daily Maintenance for All Wefted Wigs?

Maintenance for Braided Wig?


Do You Deliver Outside The United States?

What are Your Refund/ Exchange Policy?

I Just Placed My Order When Will I get My Package?

How Do I Contact Customer Service?


Where Are You Located?

What Services Do I Need To Make An Appointment For?

What Are The Available Appointment Days?

Can I Walk-in Without An Appointment?

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Why Am I Asked To Put Down A Deposit To Secure My Time Slot?

How Long Will My Appointment Last?

What Is Your Late Policy?

What Happens If I Pull A No-Show?

Do I Need An Appointment For A Wig Order?

Can I Get A Sew-in Instead Of Wig When I Book An Appointment?

Can I Bring My Own Wig For My Install?

Payment Options

What Method of Payments Do You Accept?

Can I Order With No Money Down?

Can You Hold a Wig For Me?

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